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Superior Cleaning Quality and Intelligent Technology

Beyond Design and Hobart Corporation teamed up to develop the industrial design and user interface (UX/GUI) for two of their dishwashing line products.

Hobart: Technology innovations to save your operation time and money

Hobart Corporations

Beyond Design had the pleasure of working with Hobart Corporation to provide both Industrial Design and User Interface (UX/GUI) for two products, the CLeN Ventless Conveyor Type Dish Machine and the AM16 Advansys Door Type Dishwasher. Our client’s objectives focused on intuitive machinery, user friendly controls along with creating aesthetically pleasing designs that incorporate the Hobart Visual Brand Language (VBL). Both units provide superior cleaning quality along with integrated technology to conserve water and loss of heat.

CLeN Ventless Conveyor Type Dish Machine Features

Drip and Splash Control

Features a splash guard that blocks spray water coming from the inside of the machine, including an angled bottom to ensure condensation drip that does not fall back into the machine.

Intelligent Interface/Icons

Top Mounted for easy service access/water protection with new icon designs, which have been strategized for a global market as opposed to specific languages for multiple demographics.

Ventless Hood

The concept idea our team brainstormed for this ventless top assists in eliminating the need for direct venting. This in turn saves both time and energy costs for you operations.

Ergonomic Handle and Door Design

Insulated ergonomic cabinet style doors with recessed handles, making it easy to open with non-protruding handles to get caught on. Handles made longer for more opening access points.


AM26 Advansys Door Type Dishwasher Features

5-sided Insulated Hood

This feature reduces heat loss by 40% to save energy and lower heat gain to the room. The hood was designed to keep heat from releasing into the room by condensing steam, eliminating the need for a vent hood.

User Experience/Interface

Our team designed the UX controller interface to provide a simple and intuitive operation with integrated WiFi. It is user-friendly designed with touchscreen controls, reducing human error.

Automatic Soil Removal

This addition saves water and labor by filtering heavy foods into an external scrap basket, allowing less pre-scrapping. Food soils are actively pumped from the wash tank so water stays cleaner for longer.

Ergonomics/Brand Consistency

The loop around handle was implemented for all around access point for users, designed for the ease and safety of the operator. The front of the door features the Hobart logo for brand consistency and distinction.

Why Beyond Design?

Beyond Design thrives at developing products which enhance the user operation along with establishing a Visual Brand Language (VBL) that strengthen our customer’s brands with proven success in the market. We value our client relationships and enjoy sharing our ideas to bring innovation to market.

For more information on our work or on the Hobart Project, contact info@startbeyond.com

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