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An Multifunctional Product

Heathrow Scientific Adapt-A-Rack

Heathrow Scientific asked our team at Beyond Design to help them develop a new, multi-functional rack for multiple capabilities in a laboratory facility.

A multi-functional tube rack designed for those who work in life science or laboratory facilities.

Heathrow Scientific is a leading manufacturer of innovative lab supplies and instruments. We were approached by Heathrow Scientific to design and produce a rack that would be multi-functional in its usefulness. Our team wanted to make sure that tube rack products have multiple capabilities for opportunities in a laboratory. Keeping the image and style was important to Heathrow, but also designing to meet their customer needs was the main focus in this project.

Understanding the Consumer

The target market for the Adapt-A-Rack are those who work in a research or industrial laboratory, looking for a rack that is economical but also versatile to all their needs. After research was completed, we found that the users were extremely concerned with the number of racks, size and weight of the unit. A broad range of design factors and component figurations were explored to determine what would make a rack an attractive product to use in different departments.


Incorporating Heathrow’s Commitment

From concept to final product, our client is committed to making products that are lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable and attractive to the eye. The main goal of the rack would be to utilize plastic that can expand, spring, and/or bend to hold different size tubes securely in the tube rack. We designed the instrument to be extremely easy to operate, but also be efficient to get the job done. The introduction of different colors makes the unit an iconic design, showcasing a distinguishing look among the competition. Early concepts were created and developed in CAD – visualizng operation and to detemine capacity of the tubes. Through Beyond Design’s efforts, we were able to evaluate the functional details effectively and implement any changes necessary. This saved time and ultimately lowered development cost.

Designing a Cost-Effective Solution

The Adapt-A-Rack breaks the traditional rack entry price point with the introduction of a high precision, yet economic, version specifically designed for life science and clinical laboratory markets. Through proper planning and material selections, designers created a working prototype to evaluate internal and external designs and components to ensure proper fit and function before manufacturing. The final design accommodates the adjustable product to hold the primary size tubes ranging from 13mm-16mm in diameter, along with 15mL & 50mL tubes.

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