• Oster® Iced Tea Maker
  • Oster® Iced Tea Maker
  • Oster® Iced Tea Maker

A Swivel-Head Brew Basket

Oster® Iced Tea Maker


Our team worked with Jarden Corporation to develop an iced tea maker with a glass carafe for one of their leading brands, Oster, to change the paradigm between configuration and operation of the product.

Configurating and operating a consistent swivel head iced tea maker.

Jarden Corporation is a leading provider of a diverse range of consumer products with a portfolio of over 100 trusted, quality brands sold globally. They asked our team to develop an iced tea maker with a glass carafe for one of their leading brands, Oster. Through our design process, we were able to change the paradigm by changing the configuration and operation of the product. The Oster® Iced Tea Maker is the first and only swivel head brew basket on the market.

A Space-Saving Design

The Oster® Iced Tea Maker provides a versatile machine that offers a swivel head brew basket that creates a new slim design, but also makes it convenient to store. By reducing the overall footprint, it directly relates to less material which reduces the cost, while also creating a more environmentally friendly design. Our designers developed foam core models to ensure that all product proportions were correct and that the product could be operated as planned. Early prototyping also allowed our client to evaluate this new iced tea maker and conduct early consumer testing to validate direction before market launch. With the swing-out brew basket, it allows for one-handed operation which provides added convenience for the user.


Use of Color and Materials

The use of stainless steel combined with a rich gloss projects quality and brand identity for Oster®. The ellipse shape is used throughout the design to create unity. The rich black and stainless steel design compliments the majority of kitchen environments, and is also presentable in an office setting. The product is offered in neutral colors—black/stainless steel, basic black, and white. This was intended to create an iced tea maker that can be kept out for year round use.

Distinguishing Features

The Oster® Iced Tea Maker is the first to display a blue LED indicating the start button and a backlit water window making it easy to read the water level. To capture the emotional aspect of drinking iced tea, the blue LED was incorporated to type into the user’s emotions in a subliminal way. The swing mechanism that opens up the water reservoir truly sets it apart from other iced tea makers on the market. In addition, the Steeping Lever lets you select your favorite brew strength. With an Oster® Iced Tea Maker, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using tea bags or tea leaves — this compact product allows you to use either.

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