• Cille Global Water Bottles
  • Cille Global Water Bottles
  • Cille Global Water Bottles
  • Cille Global Water Bottles
  • Cille Global Water Bottles

Quenching Thirst Worldwide

Cille Group

Performing exploratory design on water bottle trends to develop a new lifestyle product for a global, international product line. 

A fresh twist on the water bottle delivers an easy method to sip, drink, and pour.

A Quest for Global Success

Cille, an international brand, sought our input to help define and design its global water bottle products. The challenge was creating a new high-end hydration bottle that could grow its presence in the American market while being accepted in Europe and Asia. Looking deep into common lifestyle needs, it became obvious to our design team that end-users have different needs when intaking liquids. Designers tapped into this by creating small, medium, and large bottle openings, enabling users to sip, drink, and pour their liquid in whatever fashion desired. The added twist creates visual motion while also providing a comfortable grip.

Unveiling End User Needs

Our team used personas with specific lifestyle traits to empathize with different customer journeys and needs. Envisioning applicable product environments allowed us to explore designs for specific situations. This approach added product purpose to our design exploration and resulted in a design centered around taking a small sip/large drink, pouring your bottle, or filling the product with ice.


Bringing Ideas to Life

The final Cille water bottle design incorporates three different lid operations: sip with a straw, drink with a wide opening, and pour from the large opening for fast refilling and to add ice. With an eye-catching twist, the sleek and intricate design caters to universal beverage habits and distinguished hydration enthusiasts worldwide.

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