• The AutoFill™  Ranpak
  • The AutoFill™  Ranpak
  • The AutoFill™  Ranpak
  • The AutoFill™  Ranpak

Advancing Machinery & Design

Ranpak – Autofill 

Designing automation to look clean and simple.

New design echoes machinery’s efficiency and consistency.

Consistency Packaged In Bold Design

Ranpak sought the expertise of Beyond Design to craft a strong identity for its AutoFill packaging solution. Their automated machinery rapidly packages products and minimizes wasted space with recycled paper as filler. The task was to design a clean, contemporary outer shell for the machine to complement the internal performance and operation. Three-sliding door panels were incorporated for easy access and sheet metal panels were extended up to fully capture the internal operation for operator safety.


Uniting Design and Engineering

Our team crafted an exterior design that embodied the advanced qualities of the AutoFill’s interior mechanics. We identified key areas to maintain across the brand’s existing VBL Visual Brand Language (VBL) to promote a consistent style. The final design was created in SolidWorks and full-scale prototype parts were constructed and delivered to the client for final assembly. Finally, our designers partnered with Ranpak’s engineers to refine the selected design and ensure its readiness for production.

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