Future business opportunities begin with an understanding of behaviors, cultures, and unmet user needs. From ethnography to market research, our team asks compelling questions to develop a personalized approach for each program in order to develop successful strategies and game-changing solutions for our clients.


We build empathy with users and gain an understanding into the contextual influencers of their behaviors and motivations. Observing the consumer helps us gain firsthand knowledge in a real life, real world situation.

Market Research

An understanding of the current market landscape and white-space helps to define hypotheses and opportunity areas for the project approach.

Stakeholder Interviews

Many stakeholders outside of end users influence the design needs of our clients. We study how the project affects all aspects of the business in order to define a successful solution.

User Validation

Design is a cyclical process. We use both quantitative and qualitative research methods to validate how people respond to particular ideas. Our development team processes user feedback to help refine concept value propositions and potential feature articulation.

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