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Capture Life’s Special Moments

Pivot Self Tracking Camera Mount

Our team worked with Pivot to create and design an app-based, self-tracking camera mount that allows users to stream video directly to social media platforms for their followers.

Sharing video highlights directly through social media platforms.

Users are looking for the next app that will deliver those next best results in an easy to operate fashion. The founders of Pivot came to our team at Beyond Design to create and design a self-tracking camera mount that will follow a user around to give them the ultimate exposure in the limelight through a crowdfunding platform. It provides users with complete access and control to how they want to capture those special moments in their lives with others. Not only will it capture those moments, but you can instantly share those video highlights via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Wants and Needs of the User

The client provided us with a culmination of user insights and needs from their clientele, while understanding the electronic needs, evolving business needs and operational challenges of developing a product like the Pivot. Design development was conducted to understand the client’s vision and what specifically was needed from us. Our goal was to create a bold, iconic product that allowed our client to present a distinct and bold product into the market.


Usage of Shape

Through our Strategic Design Process (SDP), we thought of ways in which this product could be developed. Pivot is different from the other products out there, as it presents a bold and iconic form. The cylindrical shape creates an unexpected change when it begins to move. As this product is being marketed for anyone to use, our design team used the simple form to convey the easy interaction with the product. The biggest challenge that we faced was making such a pure form work with the mechanics needed for the Pivot’s movement.

Delivering the Final Result

The compact, but bold and unique design allows for maximum usage when filming, in all conditions. The industrial design with the chosen shape provides a fresh and timeless statement. The Pivot further establishes a presence within the crowdfunding market, providing them with an easy to use product for their consumer base. The self-tracking camera delivers a product that anyone can use, focusing on their target market as whole, instead of a selected group. The Pivot is great for users who want to capture life’s greatest moments and be able to share them at an instantaneous speed.

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