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Our team worked with IDEAL Industries to design a heavy duty tool grip for a variety of their tool line. The Visual Brand Language (VBL)  Beyond Design developed for IDEAL includes a combination of design elements that capture the promise of quality and the understanding of the unique  needs of the electrician. These elements include color, material, form, logo use, and functionality.

Providing the highest quality, performance, and durability.

IDEAL Industries

Branded as “The Electrician’s Champion,” IDEAL Industries understands, supports, and equips the electrician with tools that provide greater value than the price paid for it. Providing the highest quality, performance and durability, electricians choose IDEAL as their professional choice for hand tools. Whether it is wrenches, wire strippers, screwdrivers, or pliers, IDEAL offers the superior tool for all stages of the job.

Functional Design for all Electricians

The grip features tethering holes at the bottom of the handles which come in handy by allowing the tools to attach to a tool belt. This helps when working in challenging/dangerous conditions, such as at a high elevation eliminating the risk of the tools falling out of the users’ hands while performing a job.

Color Design/Product Aesthetics

While developing a VBL for IDEAL, our team took into consideration how color and aesthetics add quality and intelligence to a product. We incorporated the blue color block running diagonally down the plier handles to keep an attractive flow with the shape of the tools. The IDEAL logo was placed at the bottom of the handle as well as a symbol used as a signifier for exactly which tool is which.


Material Choice

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) has a number of beneficial features to work in harmony with the tool itself, including, high elongation and tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance and longer lasting, as well as low-temperature performance. TPU also has excellent mechanical properties combined with rubber-like elasticity, and good oil and grease resistance. Our team took advantage of these properties TPU offers because it can stretch to fit multiple tool sizes and has resistance against challenges related to heat or oil/grease exposure.

Safety and Ergonomic Design

The IDEAL tool grip includes ergonomic features which help to release physical strain from using the tool. The grip fits perfectly around the ergonomic tool handle, also featuring five recessed grips. The recessed grips are an intelligent feature because it allows for a better grip and less chance of a tool falling out of your hand, potentially causing an injury.

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