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  • Spotcheck Trace Spotcheck Inc
  • Spotcheck Trace Spotcheck Inc
  • Spotcheck Trace Spotcheck Inc
  • Spotcheck Trace Spotcheck Inc
  • Spotcheck Trace Spotcheck Inc

The Beyond Design team was consulted by Brian Larson, the CEO of Spotcheck, Inc. and the mind behind the Spotcheck Trace, a Chemical Diagnosis Testing Machine. Our team designed and developed a newly designed housing unit which incorporates new electrical hardware provided by DMC that can detect the presence of a range of hazardous drugs on surfaces. The goal of the new configuration was to keep the product small and portable as well as ensuring the safety of facility surfaces at a lower cost in less time.

Simply Designed with Immediate Results

Spotcheck, Inc.

Brian Larson, President and Founder of Spotcheck, Inc. believes that keeping things simple and taking a pragmatic approach is the premise behind the development of his products. The Spotcheck Trace is an affordable hazardous drug contaminant monitoring system. The idea behind this product was to make a low cost unit that can detect a broad spectrum of target drugs in order to ensure a facility is being effectively monitored. The product is easy to use, working in tandem with Veriwipes to monitor multiple target surfaces with in medical, pharmaceutical, or other practices at the fraction of the cost of similar products.

Small and Portable

Using the electrical hardware components that were provided by the client, our Industrial Designers created the smallest product configuration possible, enhancing user experience because the unit can be transferred around a facility easily and quickly for fast results, as opposed to sending samples to get tested externally.

Accessible Cuvette Placement

The rectangular Cuvette is easily placed and removed from the square reservoir in the machine. As opposed to sending a sample out for external testing, the Spotcheck Trace identifies a smaller range of drugs, but saves big on cost and time with results in under four minutes.

Magnetic Top

The chamber is designed to easily open and close frequently, free of any light source when the unit is closed. Our team integrated a magnetic top in order to open and close the upper lid with a simple flip.

Easy Access Connection

Developed around the incorporation of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) supplied by DMC, our team designed a housing unit that ensures the PCB connection points for the USB-C, LED Light, and power button can be easily accessed from the exterior of the unit.

Final Product

With a huge emphasis on ergonomics and sleek aesthetics, Beyond Design developed the newly designed Spotcheck Trace that is effective and efficient. Through three phases of product development, our Industrial Designers successfully met the goals of Spotcheck, Inc., which were ultimately to provide an easily portable Chemical Diagnosis Testing Machine that ensures the safety of facility surfaces at a lower cost and in less time than testing externally.

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