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An Expandable Storage Rack

Heathrow Scientific Work2Store™


As a leading manufacturer of lab supplies and instruments, Heathrow Scientific was looking for a way to make handling and storing cryogenic samples easier for the user.

Designed for more efficient handling of test tubes and storing in temperature-controlled environments.

After weeks of brainstorming, designing, and testing various prototypes, designers and engineers at Beyond Design developed a solution that is unlike any other product on the market.

The Work2Store™ is an innovative design for more efficient handling and storage of cold temperature samples. It features a patent-pending open/close mechanism that allows the rack to be expanded during use. The product was designed to accommodate the most popular test tubes on the market (1.5 or 2.0mL microtubes and 2.0mL cryogenic vials), with a total of 64 samples in the rack. The unit collapses to a compact form and is ready to store in the freezer.


Patent-Pending Open/Close Mechanism

Rather than having to transfer tubes from their storage racks to the working area, this solution allows the user to expand the rack and work directly from the Work2Store™, creating much needed room with proper human factors required for sample manipulation. The space between each row makes pipetting easier and keeps micro-centrifuge tube caps out of the way. When open, the rack extends a full foot in width. A clear lid holds the rack together during transport and storage and prevents ice from forming when in the freezer.

Testing for Perfection

Designers and engineers focused on reducing the part count, providing ample spacing between rows, and maximizing the number of tubes the device could hold. A number of prototypes were developed to test the functionality of the unit as well as the row spacing and overall size. The octagon-shaped holders for each tube were designed to help cool air circulate around the samples, as well as reduce material in the parts and improve plastic mold flow in production.

Focusing on Details

Engineers paid close attention to how the tubes would sit in the rack. A cryogenic vial lock was incorporated in the bottom of each well to facilitate one-handed tube opening and a center depression stabilizes the conical tubes. Alphanumeric tube identification is clearly marked for easy and intuitive retrieval of the tubes. The Work2Store™ is designed to fit standard loading systems, or be stacked with additional units to conserve space in the freezer.

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