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  • Verge WashBar Technology

A Sink That Makes Sense

Bradley Corporation

Our team worked with Bradley Corporation to develop and design a 3-in-1 lavatory system for commercial restrooms that provide a safe and efficient method to washing their hands.

Designing a 3-in-1 lavatory system that provide a clean and efficient method to washing hands.

Bradley Corporation is a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories, providing innovation and forward-looking designs for their customer base. When Bradley Corporation came to our team at Beyond Design, their main goal was to create a 3-in-1 lavatory system that was easy to use, intuitive to operate and easy to maintain. With an aesthetically appealing design, the 3 Station Verge with WashBar Technology combines advanced electronics with the same high quality products that Bradley consistently delivers.

Developing a Consistent Product

Our team’s goal was to create a modern, yet innovative solution lavatory system that would join the Advocate line. Its’ highly durable natural quartz surface is a blend of materials that is made of 70% recycled content. The one piece plated stainless steel WashBar includes touch-free soap located on the left, water in the center and a hand dryer, located on the right. Blue LED lights are located on the WashBar to guide users, indicating the three functions. Due to the unique characteristics of the lavatory system, the Verge captures the essence of the system, drawing attention to the shape and curve that will compliment any commercial washroom. It offers convenience, and cost savings like no other product on the market. Designing a washing station with three activations allows for easily handling washroom traffic quickly and economically, while providing each user with personal space.


Performance and Design

The three aspects that Bradley Corporation wanted us to focus on were the integration of soap, water and heat for the purpose of cleaning hands. The soap dispenser eliminates soap from dripping on the counter or floor. Users can choose between liquid or foam soap, accommodating up to 1 gallon. When the LED light flashes red, the soap needs to be re-filled. We provided them with a design that provides heated air at three speeds, which can be adjusted in the configuration mode. Hands will dry anywhere between 12-15 seconds. With a dryer installed in the WashBar, it eliminates excess water on the floor or around the basin.The smart technology allows the facilities manager or maintenance staff to clean and configure with ease.

A Seamless Restroom Experience

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the product itself offers a high performance wet and dry zone, allowing for easy access for any user. Moreover, the system is 90” in length, with standard spacing positioned on 30” centers. Engineered to evacuate and water and to dissipate air flow from the dyer, the single piece molded basin is designed to eliminate any caulk lines and seams that most sinks have. The entire design process was focused on developing a lavatory system that could be appropriate for multiple audiences that give a clean and aesthetically driven look that Bradley Corporation delivers to their customer base. The final design promotes our client’s brand identity with the use of shape, form and overall industrial design.

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