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Extra Support for Those in Need

Juvo Products

Our team worked with Juvo Products to develop multiple products in the geriatric category, allowing us to develop and design that would be beneficial to those that need them on a regular basis.

Designing and developing products to give users an extra hand of support.

Juvo Products is a company that caters and specializes in selling adaptive living aids and walking devices to those who have physical restrictions and to the geriatric category. Their products allow individuals to be more self-sufficient in and around their own homes. Juvo Products came to Beyond Design to partner in designing multiple products in the geriatric category, allowing us to develop, design and create items that would be more beneficial to those who have low mobility skills. By working in this category, it gave our development team a chance to get creative and innovative, while still producing functional products that would help those in need.

Researching a Better Design

While working with Juvo Products, we immediately dove into the category to get a better understanding of the challenges that some face after major surgery or in the geriatric field itself. Research efforts were completed on different projects to figure out and address certain problems and areas that were difficult for those in some extra help. It came to our attention that majority of users in these particular situations had limited functionality and would need specific items that would give them support, but also allow them to still maintain a level of self-sufficiency. Our goal was to create and design a number of products that would simplify everyday tasks, but also receive physical therapy exercises as well. Not only would the design have to be aesthetically ergonomic, but the material used would have to be high quality and easy to use.


Features and Functionality

The products that we collaborated with Juvo Products – dressing aid/shoehorn and the self assist toilet aid are designed to provide additional support efforts to helping the geriatric generation or those who are recovering from major surgery. Limited mobility is frustrating, allowing users to feel comfortable with them and trust these products to get the job done is what we wanted to accomplish. Certain materials, such as an ABS plastic and rubber handles provide stability and rigidness. The rubber handles on both products allow for a tight grip so no slippage happens. Building credibility and creating a name for both Beyond Design and Juvo Products, our development team focused their time on paying attention to details of the design, making sure that the entire process was sufficient for users.

Addressing a Need

The simple, sleek and modern designs that we offered Juvo Products are a strong entry into the assisted aid/geriatric category. With an idea at hand, we provided and fulfilled the vision that Juvo Products wanted to provide their users for those who needed extra help in doing everyday tasks around their house, due to surgery or declining mobility. With a distinctive look and comfortable feel, it was a great feeling knowing that Beyond Design could help deliver a product to market that would greatly improve their lives of others that need an another support system.

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