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A Better Way To Hang Clothes

The Ultimate Hanger®


The Ultimate Hanger®, a silver IDEA award winning product, provides a solution to clothes that bend or sag off of a typical wire or plastic hanger. The experience of hanging clothes is easier and provides a sturdier and more functionally stable way of keeping clothes neat.

A savvy solution to hanging clothes without the bend or sag of a hanger.

Having a nice wardrobe doesn’t mean anything if you don’t take care of your clothes. Much of extending the life of your clothing is making sure that they’re properly stored when you aren’t wearing them. And hangers play a large role in that. When Michael Prince first started his firm, Beyond Design, he entered a design competition that allowed him to introduce his storage saving product called The Ultimate Hanger®. He saw the need to create a better hanger to prolong the life of your clothes and use materials that wouldn’t add to the landfill problem we have.

Addressing a Need

There are three primary problems the Ultimate Hanger® was designed to overcome. The first is the need to provide a more conducive and environmentally friendly hanger for global users to keep their clothes in great shape and not to add to the planet’s landfill problem. The second need is to provide a product solution that reduces the life of a hanger, considering the damage that clothes can cause over the years. And third, the industrial design of the Ultimate Hanger® had to be compelling enough to gain placement on the shelves of popular retail stores. Our development team was able to combine form and function, creating an idea that shapes a strong image presence. Through strategic design planning and the desire to create a necessary product, the Ultimate Hanger® was designed to be sold in retail stores across the country.


Ensuring a More Innovative Product

The Ultimate Hanger® is a unique and functional hanger, designed to be sturdier and longer lasting to keep your clothes in the best condition possible in your closet. The more space inside a closet, the better and the hanger allows for users to organize the way that they like. It definitely helps for traveling purposes, being an extremely convenient product. As opposed to metal hangers, the Ultimate Hanger® is a reusable product, that with proper care, will last an indefinite period of time.

Creating a Unique Design

Typical hangers bend or sag after wear and tear or when too many clothes are on a single hanger. For this design, Prince set out to model his hanger after a suspension bridge. Using that model, he realized that the hanger wouldn’t bend or sag and would hold 20 times the weight of an average tubular hanger. Moreover, the materials that he chose were made out of a variety of recycled materials, including Environ, a material made from soy beans and recycled newspaper. The Ultimate Hanger® is ergonomically designed to provide users with the best closet organization that they can have, providing simple innovation to those who have a lot of clothes.



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