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The Next Generation Of Kitchen Appliances

MIO Kitchen Appliances


As we looked to create the next generation of kitchen appliances, our key directive was to explore “what comes after stainless steel?”

Looking into future design trends in kitchen appliances, we created the Mio appliance line.

As an internal project, our design team looked to create a product line that would convey future design trends and use of materials without alienating today’s consumers. After researching home kitchen trends, our designers found that space saving and energy efficiency remain top concerns for homeowners everywhere.

The complete line of Mio kitchen appliances incorporates a sophisticated approach that includes a glossy black surface with a second surface finish on glass. Combined with stainless steel accents, this creates a dynamic look across all product offerings.


Starting with the main focal point of the kitchen, the French-style, three-door Mio refrigerator unit is designed to provide maximum storage with easy access. The combination of glass and metal creates a stylish, yet convenient surface that is easy to maintain. The stainless steel accent details create visual interest as well as making the unit appear narrow and less obtrusive.

In addition, the Mio microwave is designed to be flush mounted with kitchen cabinets. The center portion of the microwave with user controls is designed to “go-black” when not in use, thus creating a negative space that is less busy and integrates better with the kitchen environment.  The cooktop and dishwasher incorporate this same backlit technology.

The design language for the Mio oven uses the same inverted trapezoid with altered proportions. This design detail is extremely efficient for manufacturing and maximizes the yield of material, sharing parts and thereby reduces overall costs. Throughout the design of the Mio kitchen appliances, our vision was carefully maintained to ensure continuity of the Mio product family line.

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