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Blow Dry Hair in Style

Remington ShowStopper Hair Dryer

Remington wanted a new and innovative way to continue to offer women an aesthetically stylish product that would give them a professional blow dry. The design provides an at-home experience for women to style their hair straight without spending tons of money, while helping our client gain market share in the US and Europe.

A hair dryer for women for those who want to experience a professional blow dry in their own home.

Remington Products, a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands, is a leading worldwide personal care corporation that manufactures razors, epilators and hair care products for both men and women. With increased competition, Remington came to Beyond Design to help develop a hair dryer that would keep up with the latest trends, but still style hair in a professional manner giving it the sleek and shiny results all women want.

Researching a Better Design

Internal design research was conducted to understand the category and what a woman wanted out of a blow dryer. The team set out to search for what other kinds of blow dryers were out there on the market to see some similarities and differences between products. We understood the concept and direction that Remington wanted to go in, focusing on a sleek and fashionable design. Our development team was able to come up with a design that combined form and function that would appeal to women that wanted a sleek and strong look to their hair.


Performance and Design

Knowing that Remington wanted to target involved stylers and determined style seekers, we focused on designed a product that would allow that end goal to be accomplished. Moreover, we wanted to focus on keeping the same look as the twin flat iron that we designed for Remington. The limited edition 1875 watt torque motor was built in to give the best experience while drying your hair. Along with that, the ShowStopper hair dryer features ceramic protection with iconic conditioning, giving that long lasting straight look. 3 heat and 2 speed settings allow for customization, adding a cool shot for when the air gets too hot. The appearance of the blowdryer has a slim barrel – providing a professional design for all users. The limited edition crimson red that was chosen was to match the hair straightener – with no additional parts needed. The high quality parts that we chose for the plastic housing can be molded, rubberized or painted.

Blow drying in Style

In today’s hair care world, women want a hair dryer that will provide them with a sleek and straight modern style with shine. Remington wanted to create a way to give their customers a chance to use a limited edition product that would provide reliability and constant usage. The fact that Beyond Design got to help design and develop a product for their existing SMART category was a great opportunity. The entire design process was focused on developing a product for the consumer that would give them what they wanted, when they wanted it.

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