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Personalize Your Treats

Wilton Enterprises

Our aim was to develop and design new bakeware products that express simplicity, customization and personalization. Through our SDP sessions, we took into account how users bake their cakes and cupcakes, preparation in the kitchen, and their delivery methods of how to display the finished treats.

Bakeware designed around those who like to customize and personalize their treats, while valuing practicality and design.

Wilton Enterprises, is the leading food crafting company in the baking industry, with the number one position in cake decorating and bakeware. With increased competition, Wilton came to Beyond Design to host a brainstorming session to develop different ideas for their cake and cupcake presentation products. Our goal was to create and design two products that would allow Wilton to maintain their position in the baking industry – giving their customers the best quality products to use.

Brainstorming a Better Solution

Internal design research was conducted to understand the category, along with what bakers wanted out of cake and cupcake equipment for home use. The team set out to search for what other kinds of products were out there on the market to see some similarities and differences between products. We understood the concept that Wilton wanted to go in, focusing on a simple, but customizable design. Our designers paired up with members from Wilton to host a brainstorming session to develop and draw out more ideas for the two products they wanted to launch to the market. The productive session resulted in two high performing items for Wilton – the adjustable cupcake tower and customizable cake pedestal.


Display Your Way Design

Knowing that Wilton wanted to target those involved with baking in a home setting, we focused on designing a product that would allow the user to be as creative as possible, allowing for ultimate customization. Moreover, we wanted to focus on keeping the same design look as their other products. The Display Your Way products for both cakes and cupcakes allow users to match any party décor, catering to your guests in an easy way. The cake pedestal lets users create fun accents like photos, fabric, postcards and other decorations to match all themed parties one has. The removable clear plate is great feature we developed for those that want to decorate even more. The easy-to-adjust cupcake tower serves as few as five cupcakes and up to 25. One base, six tiers and one top cup holder is how we designed it, making it collapsible for easy storage.

Quality Baking Products

In today’s baking world, bakers want a product that will provide them with a creative and customizable product that is easy to clean and collapse for storage purposes. Wilton wanted to create a way to give their customers a chance to use a personalized product that would provide reliability and constant re-usage. The fact that Beyond Design got to help brainstorm and design two products for their baking line was a great opportunity for us to break out into the baking industry.

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