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New SPE Conference to Focus on Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Next Week College for Creative Studies Will Host the SPE Design Conference
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UPS Enters 3-D Printing Game

UPS is set to work with Fast Radius, an Atlanta-based company that has production facilities in Kentucky to create 3-D printing parts.
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3Doodler Start for Kids

The 3Doodler Start is a great way for kids to learn about 3-D printing and the mechanics behind it.
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Engineers and Their Influence on the World

How would you engineer a better world?
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3-D Printed Food That You Can Eat

German candy company, Katjes, releases the first ever 3-D printer that creates real food.
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IKO Prosthetic System

Designer Carlos Arturo Torres created a way for children to wear prosthetics in a fun and interactive way.
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Derby the Dog Makes an Appearance at The White House

Derby the Dog made a guest appearance at The White House, showcasing his 3D printed prosthetics.
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Progression of 3D Printing Technology

3-D Printing creates fascinating designs that changes the way we look at certain things when it comes to technology.
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