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3Doodler Start for Kids

February 12, 2016

While 3-D printers haven’t necessarily been the most popular item to add to a home, 3-D technology has been an ever-changing piece of the puzzle that everyone is talking about. 3-D printing pens have the mechanics of a 3-D printer, but squeeze them down to a handheld device that you can draw in mid-air. The heated plastic that is used to draw your creation hardens instantaneously, letting those creative souls design a masterpiece.


The 3Doodler Start, a kids version of the 3Doodler 3D printing pen is the new addition to the market of engineering tools for kids. Introduced by WobbleWorks, Inc., the filament is drawn in through a port on the back end of the pen, while the internal motors move the plastic forward to the nozzle to release.


The pack for kids will include a USB charger, two packets of color mix filament and a pen that resembles a pickle. It’s engineered with a new kind of biodegradable plastic, which is better for the environment and safe for kids to use. This is a great starter tool for kids who want to learn engineering methods and to have some fun. These kinds of tools help kids understand science, engineering and 3-D methods. It is a helpful product for those who see a future in this field.

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