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UPS Enters 3-D Printing Game

May 24, 2016

UPS is taking over the 3-D printing game, transforming their company from order-manufacturing-delivery. The package-delivery company is pairing up with Fast Radius, an Atlanta-based company. Once orders are processed through the website, they will be sent to one of UPS’ stores with 3-D pinters or Fast Radius’ production facilities in Louisville, KY.

Finding new and better financial solutions to print or pull from stock is the ultimate goal. Modern techniques and machines make it possible to print complex metal or plastic parts that can range from a spectrum of different ideas.


According to a study published in April by Manufacturing Institute, 71% of U.S manufacturers are using 3-D printing technologies in one way or another. Majority of people are using in for prototypes, however almost 7% are using it to produce end products. SAP’s part is to help businesses decide what items in their inventories best support a certain type of production.


3-D printing is becoming increasingly more cost-competitive, which will allow SAP, UPS and Fast Radius to create a seamless process in working together.


Once 5% of manufacturing is done this way, this will be a $654 billion business. All through 3-D printing.

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