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Derby the Dog Makes an Appearance at The White House

March 26, 2015

Derby, a dog born with malformed front paws, has a difficult time running and playing like a normal dog. After an attempt to get Derby up and running with wheels, which didn’t work properly, he was fitted for 3D printed prosthetics. These would be custom fitted to his uniquely shaped paws. His new front legs allow Derby to run for miles, alongside his owners and is happier than ever before. He has been stealing the hearts and minds of others with his story and through the amazing progression of 3D printing. Recently, President Obama welcomed young scientists and engineers to The White House to showcase their inventions and discoveries, while being able to witness in person the impact that 3D printing has had on this amazing and courageous dog, Derby.

Derby recently stole hearts and minds with his story of regained mobility through 3D printing. As President Obama welcomed young scientists and engineers from across the country to showcase their inventions, robots, and discoveries this week, attendees were invited to witness firsthand the impact of 3D printing with a guest appearance from Derby.

3D Systems will continue to design his prosthetics until he reaches his optimal height. For more information on 3D printing, check out another articles we wrote here.

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