Gummies You Can Eat        

3-D Printed Food That You Can Eat

September 1, 2015

Wonder what it would be like to eat candy printed from a 3-D machine? Well, now you can. Don’t knock it until you try it. A German candy company called Katjes unveiled the first ever 3-D printer for gummies at a cafe in Berlin. It is the first 3-D printer that allows consumers to eat the food that is printed.


And it’s called the Magic Candy Factory – pretty fitting, right? The candies take about five minutes to make, which isn’t bad considering it’s a pretty awesome thing to watch. Customers can choose between ten fruity flavors, and you can even combine multiple colors. Each gummie costs about $5.60, which is a little pricey, but considering the circumstances, we’d be willing to hash it out.


Not only are different flavors available, but you can choose an animal shape if you like or different letter shapes.


It’s crazy to believe that technology allows us to print edible food off of a 3-D printer. Not only does it print, but it offers different options, such as colors, shapes, flavors, etc. Pretty awesome stuff – and to think that this is just the beginning is the best.

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