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Progression of 3D Printing Technology

December 16, 2014

If you look at the history of technology revolutions, we’re due for another one. It’s crazy how wearable technology, smartphones and other gadgets are an integral part of our lives now, but it’s clear that we’re drawing near another next big advancement in the technology world. Heading into 2015, we’re seeing 3-D printers dropping in price, but increasing in the capabilities that are available to us. Below are some creations that have been 3-D printed that could change the world and the way we think about printing.

3d_organs 3-D printed organs have already been introduced on the market, along with spinal disc replacements, but 3-D printed liver tissues will be released towards the end of next year. In addition, fabricated blood vessels have also been discovered, making it possible to perform tests using the replications of real organs that could not be done with humans.

3d_food Wouldn’t it be awesome to 3-D a pizza at any time of the night? A company called Natural Machines plans to unveil a consumer model, along with a second model that can print cooked food that is ready for those pizza lovers to eat.

3d_home 3-D printing is not only for small creations. A Chinese company created 10 single leveled story homes in under 24 hours. The 3-D printer involved took 12 years to develop and measures at 33 x 22 feet.

As you can see, 3-D printing is a new way of creating to give us another way to look at things. Being a product design firm, it gives us a way of creating items that we can look at for a realistic view so that we can improve techniques for the final project. To learn more, click here and click here to read more about our makerbot that we love.

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