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A Recap of The Inspired Home Show 2024

March 21, 2024

The Inspired Home Show 2024 was from March 17th to 19th. Thousands of companies from over 120 countries gathered in Chicago to see the latest products and styles in the houseware industry. Many remarkable innovations filled the convention center, but ten companies made a lasting impression on us at their booths. These exhibitors showcased remarkable offerings and engaged us with their vision and ingenuity.


Coway is a Korean manufacturer of multifarious household appliances. Coway’s catalog includes assorted home electronics, but the impressive designs were its air purifiers and fans from their AIRMEGA line. These devices stylishly blend with home decor, making rooms look and feel cool. The products combine touchless buttons and colors to signal air quality. Air holes elegantly scattered on surface edges add design flair and allow thorough ventilation.


Wow Gear creates kitchen products that make handling foods and beverages more convenient. They showcased a new product at the trade show called the Grip Mitt Claw. This kitchen and BBQ tool resembles nature and provides a cleaner and safer solution to handling cooked foods. The silicon sleeve is temperature-resistant and has sharp claws perfect for gripping and shredding foods.


Full Circle prioritizes the environmental impact across its complete product lifecycles. Its manufacturing makes conscious choices to use minimal energy and harmful chemicals during manufacturing. Full Circle says they are plastic neutral and recover as much plastic from the ocean as they consume. Additionally, the company implements environmental and social criteria initiatives. They incentivize fishing boats to turn in old nets as a resource rather than littering in the water.


A talented design student from India showed off a modern measuring spoon. Their design uses magnets and geometry to let one tool hold many units of measurement. When you fold the Polygon Measuring Spoon, it is easy and satisfying. This invention refines the prehistoric way of cooking measurements and gives end users a new tool that can be stored easily or magnetically attached to surfaces.


Aroma is most famous for its rice cookers but it also makes various matching kitchen appliances. Their booth contained an array of corded appliances, and among them was an eye-catching air fryer with a glass chamber. The design is chic and also grants users better cooking control and visibility. This specific product embraces reemerging opaque and transparent design trends.


Skoy makes eco-efficient cloths, scrubs, and towels that reduce waste and save users money in the long run. Their booth was lined with products showing the company’s dedication to the environment. Skoy paid close attention to its material selection, choosing recycled polyester to make their Skoy Towels highly absorbent, fast-drying, and soft. Their products boast colorful and unique designs that add character to daily cleaning activities.


Many companies at this trade show make extensive lines of kitchenware. A new product that Granitestone has in its collection to differentiate itself is the Piezano Pizza Maker. This machine rapidly makes delicious 12-inch pizzas in 6 minutes. The device is slightly larger than the 12-inch pizza itself, making it ideal for optimizing space and crafting pizzas wherever there is a craving. 


Avo Design is a creative company from California that makes lifestyle goods. A new product they are adding to their collection is a sleek canteen made from food-grade silicon. The flexible material means users need not worry about scratches, dings, or dents. The canteen comes in multiple sizes and is elastic, slip-resistant, and heat-resistant. It is incredibly soothing to touch and has a texture that feels like an avocado. 


The AeroPress is a manual coffeemaker with a new clear model. The device uses a cylinder system to filter coffee grounds through an airtight seal, making a drink similar to espresso. It makes drinks in less than 30 seconds and is compact enough to travel anywhere. One proud end user we spoke to made a batch in their seat on an airplane.


Rev Squared is a new company that successfully launched its product on Kickstarter at the end of last year. They concentrate on hand-drying devices for consumer homes and shared spaces. Their product is as powerful as high-duty commercial dryers, but the Rev Squared body is more compact and quiet. The design looks contemporary, making it match modern homes and washing areas.


Smartmi creates household electronics that utilize airflow technology. Its variety of air purifiers, vacuums, and fans is impressive, but Smartmi’s new humidifier stood out in the best possible way. The Rainforest Humidifier looks elegant and has a see-through chamber that lets users watch water droplets compile. When in use, the machine has a mesmerizing and soothing aesthetic.


A new startup on the block is called Blok and they create premium electronic cutting boards. Blok’s devices have a digital display that guides users throughout cooking procedures. The device is easy to clean and can act as a cutting board or a helpful screen during culinary exhibitions. The product and connected app can connect users to life and on-demand cooking classes to enhance the culinary experience.

Beyond Design was honored to attend the Inspired Houseware Show in 2024. We were impressed with the innovations and designs and have strengthened our understanding of the latest houseware industry trends. We also covered the Inspired Home Show 2023 for you to read about previous tradeshows.

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