Flashback Friday to Summer 2017        

Excellence in Design Gold Award Winner

December 29, 2017

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! With the end of 2017 on our heels, we are flashing back to our award winning summer this past June when Beyond Design was awarded Gold for the Major Appliances category and Gold for the Medical Equipment and Devices category of the Excellence in Design Awards (EID). The 10 industry category award competition is in it’s 30th year and recognizes impressive innovations, improved user experience, positive environmental impacts, and more creative impressions in the industry. EID recognizes the best entries with either Bronze, Silver, or Gold status.

Award winning Bradley Washbar.

Our design for Bradly, the Washbar Sink, was awarded Gold for mid-range major appliances. Our work on the Washbar resulted in a 3-in-1 sleek and aesthetically appealing lavatory system that aligns with Bradley’s high quality brand.

Award winning BestMed Thermometer.

Our second Gold award was for the BestMed Thermometer design. The “refresh” effort improved the aesthetics of the thermometer and introduced temple and oral thermometers to the family line. Suitable for all ages the design won in the medical equipment (Economical Value Line).

Award winning Juvo Toilet Aid.

Honorable Mention: Our fan favorite Self Assist Toilet Aid for Juvo won Silver for Mechanical Equipment and Devices. The aid was designed to empower those with disabilities and limited mobility to make everyday tasks possible and more dignified. With this the user can be more independent and self sufficient.

For all the winners, please download the June issue here (see pages 39 and 44) or visit EID’s website. We had a great summer and greatly appreciate the recognition for our hard work! Keep an eye out for more of our award winning designs to come and check out our new fall intern’s, Yang Zhao, Red Dot award winning design SharkMan!

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