Yang Zhao Wins Red Dot Award for SharkMan        

Introducing SharkMan

September 13, 2017

Beyond Design’s new fall intern, Yang Zhao, arrived at our studio last week with news of her Red Dot Award for her SharkMan design! SharkMan is Yang’s take on “wearable furniture.” The experimental design explores the the possibilities of flexible “soft furniture” that adapts to different situations depending on the user. Responding to the need for adjustable private space in the contemporary world, SharkMan creates an environment around the user whether they’re sitting, lying down or standing.

Yang believes that, “the responsibility of designers is to create more possibilities for the world. We have to break the rules and cross borders, transforming the impossible into the possible.” She drew upon this when creating SharkMan. The design can be altered to create complete privacy or a more welcoming environment depending on whether the user is on a laptop, reading a book, or even napping. Sharkman also won the prestigious Mayor’s of London International Student Award.

SharkMan sends a clear message: “I want privacy” or “I am napping. Please do not disturb.”

Yang joined our fall intern team bringing new design and cultural experience to the studio. She is a Chinese designer and graduated from China Academy of Art with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design. Yang also studied at Central Saint Martins Art and Design College (UK) with a BA in Product Design. Currently, Yang is enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago and working on her MFA degree. Yang was the recipient of a Merit Scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to a lengthy educational resume, Yang has work experience with Defy.mfg (US), Hitch Mylius Company (UK) and now Beyond Design.

Above: the 2016 Red Dot Award Ceremony. Image Source: SAP User Experience Community.

We’re very excited for Yang to take Sharkman to the Red Dot Design Concept Award Ceremony in Singapore this October and will be cheering her on from the states! For more information of SharkMan please also see Design Boom’s article here.

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