Beyond Takes Gold and Silver        

Gold & Silver in Excellence in Design Awarded to Beyond Design

May 10, 2017

Beyond Design was awarded Gold and Silver awards for DESIGN’s 2017 Excellence in Design Competition. We took home 3 separate awards for our work on medical equipment and major appliances projects. The Best Med Thermometer and Bradley Washbar products both won Gold and the Juvo Self-Assist Toilet Aid won Silver. Winning designs were selected by an independent panel of design experts on the basis of creativity, ease of use, and visual appeal.

Other winners included Voxx Accessories Corporation and their Project Nursery and Sound Projector, Hestan Commercial’s Outdoor Grill, and Bressler Group’s PetSafe Smart Dog Bluetooth Training Collar. Beyond is proud to have won with these other prestigious designs and companies.

You can see our designs highlighted in the upcoming June 2017 issue of appliance DESIGN and on the Appliance Design website.

Below is a look at each of our award winning projects:

Bradley Washbar – Gold

When Bradley Corporation came to our team at Beyond Design, their main goal was to create a 3-in-1 lavatory system that was easy to use, intuitive to operate and easy to maintain. With an aesthetically appealing design, the 3 Station Verge with WashBar Technology combines advanced electronics with the same high quality products that Bradley consistently delivers. Its’ highly durable natural quartz surface is a blend of materials that is made of 70% recycled content. The one piece plated stainless steel WashBar includes touch-free soap located on the left, water in the center and a hand dryer, located on the right. Blue LED lights are located on the WashBar to guide users, indicating the three functions. Due to the unique characteristics of the lavatory system, the Verge captures the essence of the system, drawing attention to the shape and curve that will compliment any commercial washroom. The entire design process was focused on developing a lavatory system that could be appropriate for multiple audiences that give a clean and aesthetically driven look that Bradley Corporation delivers to their customer base.

Sean Kim is recognized as one of the award wining designers at 2017 NeoCon in June.

BestMed Thermometer – Gold

The BestMed thermometer product line was designed to provide a consistent brand look, to create a family line of products. The redesign, conducted by Beyond Design, was part of an ongoing product “refresh” effort for each of BestMed’s major product categories to reinforce their leadership in the marketplace. The thermometers – both temple and oral are important health items that we use in order to determine the body heat and temperature at any given time for all ages.

The thermometer family line, developed for BestMed, has changed the traditional use of taking someone’s temperature. It’s simpler, more intuitive and the most convenient way to use this product. Innovatively, the placement of the thermometer on the temple and in the mouth, along with a flashing red or green light can consistently deliver a minimalistic, yet friendly experience.

Juvo Self-Assit Toilet Aid – Silver

With a void in the market for personal hygiene products specifically intended for cleaning excrement from the body, Beyond Design, along with Juvo Products, designed the Self- Assist Toilet Aid that would benefit users with disabilities. Furthermore, the design of the Juvo Self-Assist Toilet Aid is intended to empower individuals with limited mobility to freely carry out their daily activities. Our goal was to create a product that would provide users with dignity and a level of self-reliance. The Juvo Self-Assist Toilet Aid is designed to wipe your bottom with confidence, along with providing better function and a sense of dignity.

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