Yang Zhao Wins Red Dot Design Concept Award        

SharkMan Takes on Singapore!

December 22, 2017

As Yang ends her internship with us at Beyond, we are flashing back to her whirlwind trip to Singapore for her Sharkman Design!
If you’re not familiar with Shark-Man or missed our last blog post, it is the wearable furniture Yang designed that explores the possibilities of flexible “soft furniture” that adapts to different situations depending on the user. Responding to the need for adjustable private space in the contemporary world, SharkMan creates an environment around the user whether they’re sitting, lying down or standing.

The Annual Red Dot Award Ceremony took place in Singapore in October and welcomed attendees from 58 different countries (notably from Korea, China, India, Singapore, Europe, and the U.S.). Yang’s SharkMan was 1 of 4,724 entries from companies, design studios, research institutions and designers. Impressively, she was one of the few selected that won the sought after Design Concept award!

Enter: SharkMan.

The Red Dot Museum will have a winners exhibit for the next three months.

The ceremony kicked off with a cocktail reception and gave Yang and the other designers a chance to connect and compare submissions. “My favorite design besides Sharkman is BoxBot, which is a sustainable building block toy for children. It means BOX ROBOT. The packaging itself is a part of the toy and keeps the toy usable for longer time. The center of each block is hollow, which makes all the blocks can be nested together one by one and finally can be put in a box. It uses bioplastic, which is less energy and high degradation. Children can create different robot figures.”

Each award recipient was announced and walked out to greet the audience.

After the reception the award ceremony began and each winning designer was called on stage to do a quick introductory strut down the cat walk before receiving their award certificates from Red Dot Presidents and Founders Prof. Dr. Peter Zec and Mr.Ken Koo. “I felt nervous and excited because this is the first time I had been to the Red Dot Awards. They call the designers walking to the stage at random so you don’t know anything until they call your name. Off the stage I was relaxed. I even planned what postures I needed to do on stage, but when they called my name, I totally forgot everything!” The ceremony then moved to the Red Dot Museum where Design Concept winners’ exhibitions will overlook the waterfront of Singapore’s Marina Bay for the next three months.

Yang and Red Dot Presidents Mr.Ken Koo (left) and Prof. Dr. Peter Zec (right).

Yang (far right) poses with other Red Dot winners.

Yang hopes to submit a design next year if there’s time in between interning and studying. Congratulations again to Yang and SharkMan, both of you will be missed at our studio! To see awards Beyond Design has won please visit our award page here. If you would like more information on SharkMan or our internship program please get in touch!

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