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A New Way To Play Tennis

December 12, 2014

With a single stroke, you have the power to be technologically connected to your tennis racquet now. The sports market for connected, stat-tracking tennis gadgets have increased overnight and are extremely popular now. The French tennis racquet company, Babolat, is introducing their new but pricey, Play Pure Drive racquet. Babolat states that the Play Pure Drive racquet feels and plays like the standard Pure Drive racquet, which is nice for those that do not like a lot of change to their tennis game.


The user wouldn’t be able to notice a change in the balance of the racquet, due to the sensors and Bluetooth module that is located in the handle. However, the downside to have a “smart” racquet is the charging of it. Babolat recommends that three to four hours of charging is good for about six to eight hours of play. In reality, playing for six to eight hours is a long time, but the reality of charging a racquet might bother some people.


The “smart” tennis racquet can identify forehands, backhands, serves and overheads, while comparing your strength levels to other users and pro-level players. It does not measure bounces before a serve, along with determining what shots are hit flatly or with a spin. Users can sync their tennis sessions with their Android or Apple phones through an app, which can later be read through a tablet, like an iPad to further understand statistics.



Overall, we think that the Babolat Play Pure Drive racquet is capable of using all the technology gadgets to be a helpful item to improve a user’s tennis game. Although it is pricey compared to other racquets, the technology game is changing and this is just the next step in focusing efforts to making user’s lives easier. It can definitely help tennis players, coaches and tennis academies train to improve their skills. To read more of the article, please click here. To see another sporting connectivity article written by us, click here.

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