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Connectivity in Sporting Equipment

January 10, 2014

With so many fitness devices designed to help with running and biking techniques, it’s finally time that someone introduced products that help improve your performance in other sports. This year at CES, Babolat and Ohio-based startup InfoMotion Sports Technologies showcased products that focus on two different areas – tennis and basketball.

The Babolat Play ($399) is the world’s first connected tennis racket. Intended for both beginners and advanced players, sensors on the handle collect data about the player’s swing, power, endurance, technique, and ball impact. All of the information is collected in an accompanying app that allows users to easily record their performance during practices and matches.



In addition, InfoMotion Sports Technologies introduced a smart basketball, the 94Fifty ($295), which communicates directly with a smartphone or tablet via a free app that helps to analyze shooting, dribbling, and other aspects of the game. The ball is embedded with sensors and Bluetooth communication with the goal to get users to shoot the ball with optimal trajectory. You can learn more about the 94Fifty Basketball here.


More to come on CES…

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