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Kuvée is the Next Best Thing for Wine

April 5, 2016

The wine business doesn’t seem to be losing any popularity any time soon – as there was $37 billion in sales last year. That just goes to show you how many people enjoy wine on a daily basis. With wine being as delicious as it is, wine needs to be cool. Craft beer has done a terrific job of becoming cool – which has become popular over the past few years. It’s wine’s turn now, which is why Kuvée is being entered into the market for sale.

Kuvée is a big, wine-bottle-shaped object with Wi-Fi, a touchscreen and a multitude of sensors. With a hollow hole on the bottom, a wine drinker that shove a metallic refill that contains 750mL – standard to a regular bottle of wine. The refill seals up the oxygen once wine is poured into a glass, keeping the wine from spoiling and lasting at least 30 days.


When you insert a new refill into Kuvée, the touchscreen will give you options for food pairings, how much wine is left in a refill, and you can even purchase more refills right from the screen! How can you not love a ‘Keurig for wine’?


The key technology in the Kuvée is the guillotine valve in the refill canisters, which doesn’t let any extra amounts of oxygen – in or out.

With direct shipping growing rapidly, Kuvée has a great chance of succeeding in this ever-changing market. Wineries have a chance to expose their wine on a national basis with just a touch of a button by a user. Of course, shipping costs and delivery will have to be managed closely – however, this is a evolutionary product that can be introduced to an industry that is centuries old.

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