Elon Musk Shows Off New Space Suit        

Elon Musk Shows Off New Space Suit

August 29, 2017

At the start of the year you may have read about Boeing’s new space suits on our blog. And perhaps Elon Musk did too. The entrepreneurial power house released his space suit fashion earlier last week in conjunction with his aerospace manufacturer and travel company, SpaceX. Releasing some of the first images on his Instagram account, the spacesuit is fully functional (“not a mockup”) and very minimalist. Similar to the Boeing suit, Musk’s take on the traditional galaxy garb is sleeker and appears to provide more functionality and freedom compared to the bulk of past space suits. With 2018 on the horizon, Musk and SpaceX hope to launch their first venture into “space tourism” and send two passengers, in the new suits, around the moon in the Dragon spacecraft.

Musk poses in front of the Dragon spacecraft and SpaceX. Image Source: Business Insider.

On the surface this lofty goal seems more likely for a 2020 run, but SpaceX impressively has Musk’s driving force to improve travel at light year speed (i.e. HyperLoop). SpaceX is backed by NASA, has huge funding (and confidence) from the two space travelers first on the moon tour list, and 4,000 space experts working to get Dragon off the ground.

Image Source: Space Flight Now.

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