New Take on an Old Suit        

Boeing Unveils New Blue Space Suit

February 6, 2017

Chic, stylish, and slimming aren’t words that come to mind when thinking about space travel. And although Paris Fashion week is approaching, you won’t see the “Boeing Blue” displayed down the runway. The new take on the outdated white, puffy spacesuit debuted early this year and will be the new look of NASA.

boeing-blue-spacesuit-chris-ferguson-horizontal FI

Boeing and the David Clark Company (aerospace equipment manufacturer) are responsible for the new design and although the suits aren’t meant for floating around in outer space, they rather are for the journey to the International Space Station. The suits are to ensure the safety of the individual in case of emergency like fire or debris on their way up. The Boeing Blue is a modern take on the traditional suit and provides comfort as well as convenience. The suit is 40 percent lighter than the original and includes touch screen gloves (perhaps for last minute earthly texts). Previously, common issues with the old gloves were fingernails falling off…

boeing-spacesuit-graphic FI

The new suit has a smoother and smaller helmet as well. The boots are similar to Nike Cross Trainers and provide more mobility. The suit itself is much more breathable and makes the trek a lot more comfortable for the passenger. Overall, the Boeing Blue has revamped the traditional version of the space suit and will make space travel much more stylish and convenient in the future.

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