Yomi and Your Dentist        

Robotic Dental Surgery Gets FDA Approval

July 12, 2017

Early this year, Neocis excitedly announced that their robotic dentistry system had been approved by the FDA. Neocis specializes in “robotic guided dentistry” and is based in Miami. The Floridian team of engineers and doctors created Yomi to assist with dental surgeries, specifically implants, and is changing the dental industry.

Dental implant surgeries can be invasive and painful, Neocis is fine tuning these procedures and taking out human error by implementing their robotic guide Yomi. Yomi will not be replacing your dentist though. Rather, Yomi is there to guide and assist with dental implant surgeries and is helping complete accurate and thorough procedures. The Yomi system uses “haptic robotic technology” to ensure the drill is in the perfect position and reaches the perfect depth. The surgeon is still in complete control overall but Yomi can keep them on track by assisting and making sure that the depth and location of the implant is as precise as possible. Yomi’s capabilities come from the patient’s CT scans and is used prior to the start of the surgery to plan accordingly.

Image by Neocis.

According to Neocis research, almost 4 million implants are placed in the United States per year with the number growing. All of these implants have previously been done by “free hand” – with the use of Yomi, surgeons will be able to complete more of these surgeries without weighted pressure of being absolutely accurate. Yomi is there to act as essentially a dental assistant to guarantee the implant is placed with near perfection. The surgon has freedome to adjust the pre-surgery plan as need be though and is not locked into a procedure with the software once it begins.

Image by Neocis.

With the use of this robotic system, dental surgeries will be safer and deliver more skillful results. Below is Neocis’ video showing exactly how Yomi will be incorporated into the dentist’ routine. For more information on Yomi please visit their site. To see Beyond’s work with medical devices please visit our site here. And check out our Water Pik design before your next dentist appointment!

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