BMW + Google Glass        

BMW Creates Pilot of Wearable Technology

November 28, 2014

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and BMW is focusing on that exact saying. The high luxury car group is test running a project at their plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina to see if wearable technology can improve or speed up the process in quality assurance, when it comes to the amount of workflow that is coming in. To test this theory, workers are wearing Google Glass glasses to record numbers and feedback with pre-series BMW vehicles.


The tool inside the glasses allows workers to take document photos and videos to get a better understanding of the research for future analyzing. It will provide them with a clearer, better and faster way to assess the problems head on and fix them in an appropriate time frame. The optical head-mounted display has three settings: photos, video recording and background video. After every two minutes, the video images are stored and then transferred to a permanent storage place for further observation, which is great so problems can be handled right then and there.


Another main purpose of the test pilot is to improve the communication between the quality testers and the development engineers. BMW runs a complete check of all pre-series vehicles to make sure that the quality of the vehicles is perfect. Previously, all documentation between testers and engineers was handled in writing, which caused too much questioning in what was needed to fix the issue.


This article got us thinking about our work that we have done with Zebra Technologies on wearable technologies and how they are the future in all fields. It’s important to understand how far our world has come in technology advancements and we’re excited to see what comes next. To read more on our work with Zebra Technologies, click here.

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