Ultimate Hanger Still A Wardrobe Favorite        

Beyond Design’s Ultimate Hanger

July 7, 2017

One of Beyond’s earliest, but most popular, design is the Ultimate Hanger. The Ultimate Hanger concept was created in the early 1990’s when our studio was just taking off. It was quickly entered into IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) competition and earned a respectful silver award. Since then the product has flown off the manufacturer’s shelves and we still get inquiries to this day!

Early sketches of the Ultimate Hanger.

The Ultimate Hanger keeps clothes’ quality and appearance intact with its sturdy and more functional hanging options. Clothes often slip, slouch, and lose quality with wire and plastic hangers. The Ultimate Hanger was designed to combat these factors and increase the lifespan of the clothing as well as the hanger itself.

The original inspiration for the hanger was a suspension bridge. Taking that concept, we created a hanger that had a greater combination of form and function and was able to hold more clothes without damage or strain. It’s made a great impact on the storage industry and creates a less chaotic and more organized wardrobe.

With the product being in such high demand since its inception, finding this ergonomic closet staple has been hard to come by in the past few years. If you used or are currently using the Ultimate Hanger please leave us a note and let us know how our design has been doing!

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