Incorporating a GPDL        

Zebra® Releases ZT400™ Series Printers

May 16, 2014

Our team worked with Zebra Technologies to develop a visual brand language that includes the right combination of design elements (i.e. form, color, material, finish, graphics, etc.) to provide a consolidated look and feel. We designed the ZT200™ series of printers that first incorporated the new GPDL (read our case study here) and just this week Zebra released the ZT400™ series.

The ZT400™ Series builds on the field-proven reliability of the Z Series™ with advancements in print speed, print quality and connectivity options. The final VBL our design team created for Zebra includes a number of signature elements that define Zebra’s brand language – including dynamic character lines, CMF, touch points, UI/Graphics, sound, and lighting. You can read more on Zebra’s new line of industrial printers here.

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