YETI Hopper Flip 12        

YETI Introduces their Hopper Flip 12 Cooler

November 11, 2016

Yeti has managed to surpass all expectations by transforming the beverage chiller into a fashion accessory for those that enjoy carrying a cooler around while they are outdoors. The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Cooler is a soft-side cooler that makes for a more comfortable experience for the user. Most of the time, hard-side coolers are available, which makes this cooler rise above all the rest. It closes with a zipper instead of the standard flip up-down lid.


With 12 quarts of capacity, this personal cooler provides room for a 12-pack of soda, water or beer depending on the size of the item and your choice on chilling method. The well-built and aesthetically pleasing cooler has a mildew-resistant and food-grade plastic lining and the zipper is as heavy-duty as they come for coolers.


You can fill up the Flip 12 with your own ice, or use one of the custom ice packs that Yeti offers. Not too bad of an offer, but remember that the ice packs do not keep the ice cold. Costing $280, this is one of the most durable soft-sided coolers that are on the market. And the iconic colors make it eye-catching to those walking down the aisles trying to pick out a cooler.


To make it waterproof, the cooler must be tough and this cooler is as tough as the rest of them.

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