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The World’s First Wireless, 3D Printed Earbuds Custom-Made to Match Your Personality

August 14, 2014

Have you ever had problems keeping your earbuds in when running or doing other activities? A new Kickstarter campaign, OwnPhones, may solve that problem. OwnPhones are the world’s first wireless, 3D printed earbuds custom made to match your personality. Their goal of $250,000 was met and they still have a little over a week left to go.

OwnPhones Custom Earbuds

OwnPhones are 3D printed with the anatomy of your own ear and engineered to fit your activity profile. In addition, they are designed with your persona and style in mind. With their mobile app, and the help of a friend, a short video of your ears helps them create custom earbuds just for you. The earphones are offered in over 10,000 combinations – with a range of shapes, colors and materials.

3d wireless earphones

Along with being custom 3D printed according to your personality and activities, they’re also completely wireless, cancel noise around you and can even be made to fit your lifestyle with an ergonomic custom fit.

Earbud sketches

3d Printed Custom Earbuds

OwnPhones began in the mind of founder and CEO, Itamar Jobani, when he grew frustrated of his own earbuds constantly falling out when running. His extensive work in 3D modeling, scanning and printing led him to set up his own team to create the next generation of earbuds and change the way we experience earphones. It is an extremely innovative design that utilizes the power of 3D printing to solve a problem in the design of earphones today.

Once again, we see the difference 3D printing is making in the design and technology world. To support the campaign, visit their page here. A short video of the product is below.

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