Wolcott Robotics Team Makes History        

Wolcott Robotics Team Makes History

April 26, 2019

Wolcott High School’s Robotics team made history in 2018 and for the first time made it to the final four, beating out a top-seeded competitor, and ultimately finishing 6th in the Chicago North League Tournament.  We were honored to sponsor the 2018 – 2019 Wolcott team and could not be prouder of their accomplishments!  The team headed to Detroit on Friday where they presented at the Cobo Center.

The West Town school is a an exemplary college prep institution for students with learning differences with superior intelligence.  The “Wolcott Way” focuses on strategic teaching and learning, welcoming culture, and fostering creativity and unique experiences.

The Robotics team have excelled and we look forward to seeing them grow into the next generation of engineers.  The team was invited to the FIRST Championship in Detroit later this month as conference presenters for the fourth year in a row.

Join us in Detroit – a hub of technology, manufacturing, innovation, and creativity – for the world’s largest celebration of STEM for students. At the 2019 FIRST Championship we’ll bring together tens of thousands of students from around the world who participate in our K-12 robotics programs – along with the educators, industry professionals, sponsors, organizations, and colleges/universities who support them – for a celebration of STEM inspiration and space exploration.

Presented by chipmaking and semiconductor company, Qualcomm, the FIRST Championship takes place in Detroit and Houston. Over 70,000 people around the world travel to both cities to celebrate these young inventors and changemakers. 30,000 students comprise the nearly 1,400 teams and robots.

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