Wireless Sensor Tags Help You Manage Your Belongings

August 28, 2012

Wireless Sensor Tag (photo from

Ever wonder what happened to that favorite shirt of yours or the souvenir you bought while on vacation? What if you could tag your possessions and keep tabs on them? Well, it looks like that might be a possibility with CAO Gadget’s Wireless Sensor Tags.

The tags monitor movement, angle, and temperature and send alerts to your iOS or Android device when things either move or go missing. You set the parameters on what sort of notifications you want to receive and how sensitive you want the system to be. These sensors would be great to prevent theft or to monitor your kids’ actions while away.

In addition, the other cool thing about these sensors is that they allow you to locate items you need instantly through a beeping sound. If you’ve ever spent time in the morning before work searching for your car keys, or looking for the remote control for what seems like hours, you know how great something like this would be. The one catch for the system to work is that you need a Tag Manager hub ($70) which plugs into your router via Ethernet.

Overall, it seems like a pretty great idea. You can read more about the Wireless Sensor Tags on Wired or in greater detail on CAO Gadget’s website.

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