What’s Next for Interactive Design?

February 8, 2013

“Interaction design implies that what we design as a man-made object is only complete when there are people who are using it.” –Younghee Jung, Research Leader, Nokia

Image is from a clip in the Connecting video

It’s amazing how quickly things change with the advancement in technology and a greater understanding of what humans want and need.

Connecting is a short documentary by Bassett & Partners and Microsoft that explores how we, as humans, along with our devices have (and will continue) to change as everything becomes more connected in the coming years. The video features interviews with designers from Method, Frog, Bing, Kicker Studio, and Nokia (among others). While they all have different backgrounds, it seems for the most part, that they are all on the same page when it comes to the future of interaction design.

Raphael Grignanai, Director of UX at Method, pointed out just how fast technology has changed the way we live and interact in today’s world. As he said, we went from zero mobile phones in the late 80’s to over 5 billion earlier this year.

“The way it has changed our behavior, it can be enabling and also disrupting. For these things to change our lives for the better or enable us to do things we couldn’t do before they have to be done in a way that feels natural and feels like a conversation.” -Jennifer Bove, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Kicker Studio

Today, users want a natural experience with their device that is more about the content and less about using a screen or an application.

“Interaction design five or six years ago meant solving and thinking through choreography, information and feedback, and interfaces around a product. The big step was thinking about being something contained in some of those things to now thinking about it as something that exists across them.”
– Robert Fabricant, VP of Creative, Frog Design

Design is changing rapidly and this video provides insights from some key people in the industry about the coming era of interactive design. It’s definitely worth watching and will leave you wondering when we will begin to see some of the changes that are mentioned. You can read the article here and watch the full video below.

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