WETT Show 2018        

WETT Show 2018

March 9, 2018

We were back on the tradeshow circuit last month and wrapped up the month in Indianapolis at the annual Water & Wastewater, Equipment, Treatment & Transportation Show (WETT). It is a 350,000 square foot hub for 600 exhibitors to show off the latest designs and improvements in the industry. Take a look at our time at the Indianapolis Convention Center below!

A cobalt blue sewage transfer truck parked in the center of the WETT Show

From Campground to Tailgate
Out of Windsor, Canada comes the P-POD. A collapsible and conveniently portable potty that is held up by a single bar. When taken down it stands a third of the size (a compact 36 inches) and is perfect for hauling to campgrounds or as a “go-anywhere latrine” for military purposes. 3 P-PODs fit in the same amount of space as 1 traditional port-a-potty maximizing space.

Collapsable and Stackable

All In One Wastewater Treatment
Norweco’s Singulair Green aerobic treatment system is housed in a durable watertight polyethylene tank and is easily installed in rugged job sites. The unique ribbed and arched design ensures a reliable performance. Singulair turns 600 gallons of domestic wastewater into clean, odorless effluentper day.

Snakes, Reels, and Cameras
Rigid’s SeeSnake reels range from powerful models like the rM200 to compact miniatures like the microReel. The compact SeeSnake is half the size of your average inspection tool and has excellent maneuverability and video inspection. Lines are up to 100’ and can passe 90° bends in most 2”. The tiny reel packs a punch.

Rigid’s SeeSnake line of reels + cameras

A Better Way to Bore
Part of Subsite’s Green Ops (GO) initiative, is the TK Recon. The Guidance System features dual locating methods (walkover and Drill-To™), ensuring the safety of both veteran and novice operators. The TK RECON even lets you map your bore using GPS. Subsite leads the industry in depth range with detection up to 110 feet and their top of the line features. One of which is their radio performance with increased interference immunity and faster information transfer.

Subsite Electric finders – be safe, not sorry

Predator Takes on Pipes
UEMSI/HTV (United Environmental Manufacturing Supply, Inc./Hose + Televising) sent their Predator Advantage down from Wisconsin and showed off the portable mainline reel and mini camera system. Predator can inspect laterals up to 250’ long,ensuring a 410,000 pixel display.

No Lines, No Problems
Hope you’re not shy! Pluto came up with a quick fix for those long lines at concerts and sports events: the three person urinal. But wait! It also comes in a six person style. Bathroom lines may be a thing of the past (along with privacy) with this stackable multi-user option. The company hails from the Netherlands and made the trek to the WETT Show to display their European take on outdoor rest rooms.

Lavish and Camo Environments
Port-a-potties have transformed from over the years from the basic construction site facilities to user friendly , luxurious, and unique. Last year we worked with PolyJohn developing a portable sink and toilet that was ergonomically sound and an improvement from their current line. We found a few companies following their lead this year with luxury solutions (nicer than some indoor plumbing rest rooms!) and even some units adapted to specific users like the hunter, as seen above.

Quick and Easy Installs
Infiltrator’s high rising EZset Lids and risers (green) are made from glass reinforced polypropylene. They are durable and slip resistant making and smoothly adhere to the EZsnap (black). The easy-to-assemble riser system is used for septic and pump tanks. Because all the parts snap and lock there is no need for additional tools, glue, caulk, etc. The two fit seamlessly together making them the responsible and dependable waste water systems.

Infiltrator stands tall at the WETT Show

Taking Science to the Sewers
Pow-R Mole’s precise pipe locator, the vLock Series 2, features a high speed dual core processor, over 70 frequencies, and Bluetooth and GPS. It also uses GPS location, date and time stamping, and the configuration management tool which quickly uploads date from the locator to a computer. The vLock is compatible with a line of Loc transmitters such as the robust 150Tx (150 watt) and the short range 1Tx (1 watt).

We had a great time at the WETT Show again this year and are looking forward to 2019’s show! Feel free to drop us a note for more highlights and to meet up with us at the next trade show!

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