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Wearable Rehab Glove is a Perfect Fit

February 2, 2017

Hand and wrist injuries have a new remedy thanks to Neofect, the rehabilitation technology company out of South Korea. The Rapael smart glove fits the framework of the hand and uses sensors to track and monitor progress via Bluetooth. The innovative glove is a sleek 4.6 ounces and customizes to each individual. The sensors on the exoskeleton glove track and record progress and movements like wrist and finger flexion and forearm supination. With the use of therapy games through Neofect’s app, the injured patient has an entertaining form of rehab. For example, the exercise that revolves around the perfect pour of wine or a game of virtual darts.

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In more serious cases, like stroke, the glove will hopefully encourage the individual to complete treatment through all the additional app exercises. These include fishing, painting, and kite flying. In most stroke cases rehab accumulates to thousands of dollars of hospital and rehab visits and the individual falls short of successfully completing the healing process. With the Rapeal Rehab glove the patient can take the wearable home for $99/month until completely healed.

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