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It’s Not a Watch, It’s a Wristband

October 29, 2014

William Adams, better known as, from The Black Eyed Peas just launched his smart watch, which is an unnamed Puls earlier this year at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. It took two and a half years to complete, and is worth mentioning not to be compared to a Smartphone, like the Apple Watch.


The Puls looks like a handcuff on the wrist to the eye, and connects directly to a data network, making it function as a device on its own. A user can send and receive calls/texts, however because it is not a phone, it shouldn’t be a copy cat of one.


In addition to the Puls, showed a preview of a clothing line that would be able to connect to the watch. A coat with a built in battery pack that can provide life for more than two days and built-in scale shoes that will work with certain fitness features that the Puls can provide are just two of the pieces in the line.

It’s unknown if the Puls will compete with the Apple Watch that was just launched for sale, but the Puls has over five hours of battery life and features a voice-controlled helper named Aneeda, which would appeal to the more technology-savvy person.


Pricing and availability are still unknown, but wants to make the Puls ready for the holidays. To see an interview with about the Puls, click here and to see more on our user experience work, click here.

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