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Walmart Creates 53-Foot Long Carbon Fiber Panels for Supertruck Prototype

October 8, 2014

Corporate America is an area that many love to talk down upon, but in the end, the massive amounts of fortune they make in a single year, along with their prolonged existence can take on radical, expensive trials that smaller companies could never afford, maintain or be successful in.

Walmart is number one on the Forbes Global 500 list, beating out competitors such as Exxon Mobil and BP. Their efforts to build an Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck are in the making, built earlier this year as a test for their fleet efficiency program.


The trailer features a 53-foot trailer, along with roof and sidewalls that are made from a single piece of carbon fiber. This presents a weight savings of roughly 4,000 pounds, considering they can carry an extra amount of up to 4,000 in cargo and still burn the same amount of fuel or carry the same amount and save an extensive amount of fuel. Either way, this decision will be extremely beneficial for Walmart as a corporation.


Carbon fiber panels are enormously expensive and without a massive amount of cargo, a company wouldn’t make ends meeting to get their money back on fuel costs. In other words, Walmart is a prime example of a company that would have a successful long-term impact after spending this kind of money, with having 6,000 trucks all over the continent.


In addition to the carbon fiber trailer, the unique looking shape of the truck increases aerodynamic efficiency by 20% over their standard size truck. By adding the micro-turbine hybrid electric engine, the position of the driver’s seat has been centered for better visibility on the road and more.

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