Wacom Bamboo Slate        

Wacom Introduces Bamboo Slate

December 9, 2016

Pen to paper digital capturing has been around for a while, but to some, it’s still like magic. It shouldn’t seem possible that you can draw a doodle on a pad, press a button and have it instantaneously pop up on your iPhone or iPad and look like the exact same picture you drew. However – it is possible and with the Wacom Bamboo Slate, it works really well.

Coming in two sizes, the A4 and A5 both work really well but it just depends on your preference of what size you like. The larger Slate is a 13×10-inch rectangular panel that is about 1/4-inch thick and the same size as a clipboard. The smaller Slate is 8.5×11-inch, like the size of a piece of paper. What’s awesome about this one is that there is a long pocket across the top where the user can slide the cardboard in, securing it like a pad of paper. The pen included is a little bit thicker than a normal size pen and has a ink that can be replaced via a cartridge.


To set up the slate, the user would have to charge it via USB and install Wacom’s InkSpace app on a smartphone or tablet. Once that is complete, the mobile device is paired with the Slate over BlueTooth and can begin being used. Not only does it capture what is written on paper, it will recognize the sensitivity of pen strokes by the user. If the pen is pressed down hard, lines will be thicker. Vice versa with light strokes. In addition, the user can activate the InkSpace Plus service which can translate handwriting into text.


As expected with technology comes limitations of what products can actually do for the user. However, the Bamboo Slate by Wacom is extremely easy to use, intuitive for the user and can be a lot of fun for those that love to draw.

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