Vote for the BuzzBrush®!

April 2, 2012

QVC recently launched a new program called SPROUTS. Basically, there are a handful of products that all visitors VOTE on…and the top vote getter will be SOLD ON QVC. This week, our design of the BuzzBrush® is being featured on the site and we would greatly appreciate your vote!

The BuzzBrush® is a unique 2-in-1 electronic cleaning product designed to clean your keyboard and LCD touch screen device. The micro-fiber pad located on the base cleans fingerprints from your LCD monitor, Smartphone, tablet, or other touch-screen device.

All you need to do is VOTE, and that will position the BuzzBrush® to win…here is the link:

Vote NOW!

Please vote – and tell your friends to vote for BuzzBrush®…and then we will all GET A GOOD BUZZ GOING! We very much appreciate your support!

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