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Volvo to Take On Tesla with All-Electric Model

October 23, 2015

Volvo, a Swedish car company, thinks that the future of mobility is in electrification and hybridization. And we agree. Volvo is making the push to involve as much electrification as possible across their entire line of vehicles. The company is planning to launch their first all-electric model in 2019 – giving Tesla a run for their money.


The electrification at Volvo starts with their all-new XC90. The SUV will include all-wheel drive, plug-in “twin engine” that features both a gasoline engine and electric motor. The “twin engine” can do 26 miles of initial range, 112 mpge and 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds. That is a fast vehicle.


Moving fast forward, Volvo is releasing a plug-in hybrid version of the S90 luxury sedan – completing a full line of electrified, front wheel drive hybrids by the year of 2020. The cars will be more on a premium level, unlike those vehicles that Chevrolet, Nissan and Ford have unveiled for sale.


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