Use Your Vinyl Records with a Wireless Turntable

June 7, 2016

Records aren’t just a thing of the past. For those that use vinyl records, the music sounds better. At any age, vinyl is considered old-school, however Trntbl solves the problem. Trntbl is a wireless turntable that streams high-quality audio to bluetooth speakers, AirPlay devices or Sonos speakers. Additionally, it works a little bit like Shazam where users can identify a song they’re listening to, feeding it into Spotify.


Feeding the songs into Spotify generate playlists from your analog listening history. Over the years, listening behaviors have adapted to all different changes, especially when it comes to technology. Combining the worlds of music from the past and present, along with the future will allow users to share the music they love with others.


The sleek design features a white or black plinth with a translucent belt-driven platter that displays gold knobs and a gold tonearm. Trntbl is designed with a built-in pre-amp so all you need to enjoy your music is a wireless sound system.


For some reason if users can’t find a song via Spotify, it will connect via YouTube or Apple Music to search for the song.

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