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Unmanned Aircraft are Rapidly Invading the World of Business

October 15, 2014

The idea of an unmanned aircraft flying through the air, as a consumer device or a commercial tool is relatively new in the U.S Drone category. Two years ago, low-cost and easy-to-use commercial drones were envisioned for use in the future, but today, the business world is being swarmed with the notion that drones will be everywhere.


The global market for drones that are not for military is a $2.5 billion industry, growing 15%-20% annually. Amazon, Google, and DHL have made it clear that they would like to start experimenting with drones for delivery purposes. This provides us with the question of what businesses will be the most effected by this, along with what companies will make the biggest choices when it comes to using drones. What we do know is that drones will have an enormous impact on how business will be approached.


Drones have the distinctive ability to fly lower than manned aircraft, but higher than other ground based transportation. They can capture the data that the human eye cannot see at a faster and greater volume than ever before. There’s also the ability to produce high-resolution 3-D maps of geographic areas that the drones fly over. The five industries that are drone-driven are agriculture, construction, energy, mining & film and television.


The idea of having a drone controlled by a smartphone or tablet is one of the biggest technology advances that has come to play. Data can go directly to the cloud for processing, while users can access drones from almost anywhere and companies can scale their operations through infrastructure instead of using their own.

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